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Combo Office Tool Text
Letter Opener Staple Remover Combo Tool Ultimate office tool provides 3 useful functions in one simple tool. We've all seen a letter opener...but on the opposite end we have a compact staple remover. No need to carry around or use those "steel claws" to remove staples. Just slide the remover end under a staple and it comes right out. But wait, there's more...we have also included a bubble level for those office hangings that just need to be straightened!

  • Lightweight & compact LETTER OPENER
  • Easy-to-use STAPLE REMOVER

Staple remover Remove staples
Slide remover end under staple to remove it
Letter Opener Open letters and mail
Strong plastic tool resists bending and breaking
Bubble Level Straigthen wall hangings
Built-in bubble level because we need one handy every once in a while!

  • About the size of a ball point pen, it easily fits in a shirt pocket, purse, or briefcase
  • No other desktop accessory item on the market has a bubble level - it's unique and useful
  • Made of durable & sturdy plastic that won't break or bend
  • Patented & MADE in the USA!

The Combo Office Tool is proudly MADE in the USA!

Combo Office Tool Sales Brochure

Combo Office Tool Sales Flyer Click here to view or download the Combo Office Tool sales brochure in pdf format.

Online Ordering

The Combo Office Tool is sold in many retail outlets around the country, including office supply stores, mail-order catalogs, and gift shops. You can also purchase them here using our secure order process.

The Combo Office Tool is sold and shipped individually, or you can also purchase in bulk via a multi-pack or case pack. Each multi-pack box contains 18 invidiually packaged units, while a case contains 12 multi-packs (216 pcs).

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Combo Office Tool Combo Office Tool

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Satisfaction Guaranteed We guarantee your satisfaction 100%. If you are not completely satisfied with any product purchased from our website, you can return it for a full refund.


Are you interested in selling the Combo Office Tool to your retail accounts or want to establish terms with us for repeat orders and the best possible bulk pricing? You can purchase the Combo Office Tool by the case above, or contact us for larger orders.

Great office item for:

  • Office Supply Store
  • Mail/Postal Center
  • Bookstore
  • Card & Gift Shop
Contact us today for pricing and see our
Ordering page for our wholesale ordering terms and conditions.

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